"No Regrets"- Our Response to the Death Threats and Hatemail!

As many of you may have heard, our vocalist, Goho, recently came forward as having been responsible for the "Bon Jovi death hoax." What began as a silly internet prank quickly spun out of control with many media sources eventually reporting that Jon Bon Jovi had passed away. Goho came forward to apologize to Bon Jovi, as well as everyone who had been affected by this little joke gone horribly wrong. Soon afterwards, every member of MINUTIA was greeted with a steady stream of hatemail. The media again got involved, blowing the whole event way out of proportion. As the media attention grew, the negative feelings intensified and death-threats began to trickle in. Initially, our band declined to comment, but after this approach had failed we decided collectively to respond. This song is our message to all of the haters who tried so desperately to make our lives as miserable as possible this past week. We have NO FUCKING REGRETS!!!

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Thank you on behalf of all of us in MINUTIA! Stay sick and Spread the Infection!!!

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